Monday, April 4, 2016

Book News and Notes (besides Book Talks)

BOOK NEWS & NOTES (besides Book Talk Schedules)

TOUTED BY TOUR GUIDE: During a talk at Arlington's main library in January, 2017, I was lucky to meet Vicky Schwartz. It is an honor to hear any reader say that they like my book and my book talks, but it was especially wonderful coming from a licensed tour expert.  Schwartz said:  "I am a DC tour guide with 30 years of experience.  I have never encountered anyone with more familiarity with the hidden gems of Washington's neighborhoods.  Barbara's research is very impressive.  I highly recommend this book to anyone who wants to explore the real Washington."   

NEVER STOP EXPLORING: Who can resist the queens of cupcakes?  No one apparently -- or at least not the nearly 30-something folks who strolled with us through Georgetown Nov. 12 on a walk sponsored by The North Face.  Thanks to TNF, the TV star sisters who founded Georgetown Cupcake  (TNF's neighbor & a stop on WWDC's book walk #6) supplied their yummy vanilla and chocolate goodies with "The North Face" and "Walking Washington, DC" logos on the top.   Everyone liked it so much, TNF might even stage another "microadventure." Stay tuned.  Meanwhile, as TNF says: NEVER STOP EXPLORING!

HARVARD and BARNES & NOBLE: Thanks to all the savvy shoppers who showed up on Sunday June, 26 for my "Meet and Greet" and book signing at the B&N in Tysons Corner mall.  It appears to be one of B&N's busiest stores in the DMV -- and the mall is (reportedly) the 10th largest in the nation. Before rushing over to the book store, I led 30 fellow members of the Harvard Club of Washington, DC on a book talk and walk in Georgetown in the morning. (Walk #5, "Georgetown North: Silver Spoons and Spies.)

PRAISES: "The writing is engaging and beautifully organized," says author, editor, and former Wash Post National Staff graphics editor Jeannette Belliveau in her Amazon review. She praises its "mastery of detail," and says the "beautiful cover of Walking Washington, D.C. -- with photos taken by the gifted author -- is a perfect entree into this valuable book. "
Amazon: Review "Walking Washington, DC"

KUDOS: John Schwartz of the New York Times, who tweeted about my Washington Post travel story on Gatorland's bird rookery in April, 2015, said he "loved" my book.
Schwartz: John Schwartz on Twitter
Gatorland story: Birds are the Other Stars of Orlando's Gatorland

DID PRESIDENT OBAMA LIKE MY BOOK? Since the prez and his family are sticking around DC after the election -- Washingtonian magazine says he will rent former Clinton White House spokesman Joe Lockhart's 8,200 sq. ft. castle-like mansion with a round turret in Kalorama -- I mailed him a copy since he'll finally have time to explore the District.  Anyway, Barack and Michelle were so impressed that they sent me a formal thank-you card on White House stationery, saying, "This is just a quick note to thank you for your gift."  I hope they actually got to see my book.  Well, at least the White House staffer who recorded the gift saw it.

CALLING ALL READERS: Mark Stencel, Co-director of the Duke University Reporters' Lab, (and a former Wash Post colleague) helped announce the book's debut in the fall.
Stencel: Mark Stencel on Twitter

WALK THIS WAY: "One of the best things about being a writer is meeting other writers," said Author Lynne Strang in her posting about my book talk at her "Get Fit Clifton," Virginia walk on April 2, 2016.  Lynne wrote:
Late-Blooming Entrepreneurs: Eight Principles for Starting a Business After Age 40

CIA READERS: David Baldacci didn't turn out tonight (May 3, 2016) -- but I did a book talk at the public library in the prolific author's adopted hometown of Oakton, VA.  He is a big supporter of the library.  However, there were other DC-type "celebs" in the audience.  At least one patron admitted he worked for the CIA.  Shhh.  Don't tell anyone!