Saturday, May 26, 2018


Here are some updates to Walking Washington, DC.  Please check back from time to time for future updates.  I will also soon be updating Walk #21 "Southwest Waterfront," since many new businesses have opened at "The Wharf." 

p. 11:  As of March, 2018, Warren Buffett is third richest person in the world, following Jeff Bezos (1) and Bill Gates (2).

p. 17: Bao Bao returned to China in 2017. 

p. 18: The kingfisher died in 2017.

p. 36: Map: The Tombs is on 36 St., not 35th, just above the Exorcist Steps. 

pp. 37, 40: Restaurant changed from "Five Guys"  to"&pizza."

p. 45: After 30 years, the Sea Catch restaurant closed.

p. 48: On map, add "President Obama " at 2446 Belmont Road.  

p. 77: Sweetgreen skyrocketed & headquarters moved to California.

p. 99: After two decades, "InfoShop" closed.

pp. 114, 118: The Goethe-Institut moved.

p. 118: Library closed is closed for renovation March 2017 until 2020.

p. 123-124: Trump International Hotel opened.

p. 145: Wharf development is open for business!  Full updates coming soon.

p. 171: REI opened.

pp. 174, 175: Trolley opened.

p. 191: The ship is now gone. 

p. 192: Murder rate is changing. Updates to come.

pp. 196, 200: New leg of trail opened.